La Gelateria / Rent Cart


Our Unique and Fun Gelato and Crepe Carts are available for rent.
We do cocktail parties, luncheons, dinner parties, as well as corporate & private events.
GELATO CART                                        $350.00   2 hours service
CREPE CART                                          $350.00    2 hours service
GELATO/CREPE CART                         $500.00   2 hours service
(discount applies)


GELATO                                                   $15.00 per person –  2 hours service
CREPES                                                    $15.00 per person –  2 hours service
GELATO & CREPE (combined)           $25.00 per person –  2 hours service


Any additional Hour:
Gelato $5.00 per person p/hr
Crepes $5.00 per person p/hr
Gelato & Crepes $7.00 per person p/hr
No additional charge for the carts.


We supply napkins, plates, paper goods for all your catering party’s.
Call our store for more information at

Gelato Cart

As true Italians, we are passionate about our gelato and the art that goes into
making it. At Volta, gelato is handmade every day in our store with the freshest
seasonal fruits and all-italian ingredients.The result is a mouth watering, light,
amazingly smooth frozen dessert.

Gelato Cart1

Have a party with us and enjoy Sweet/Savory Crepes with our Cart!


La Gelateria Prices $
Coppa Piccola 4.0
Coppa Media 5.5
Coppa Grande 7.0
Pint 15.0
Quarter 28.0
Flavors Sorbetto
Alibaba Banana Cassata Siciliana
Almond Black Cherry Cherry
Amaretto Blood Orange Chocolate
Apple Blueberry Chocolate Chip
Apricot Bubble Gum Chocolate (sugar free)
Avocado Cannolo Siciliano Cinnamon
Bacio Cappuccino Coconut
… click to view complete list of flavors
 Coppe Speciali Prices $
Coppa Pugliese (expresso Illy, gelato fior di latte, yogurt fresh strawberry) 9.0
Coppa Romana (gelato al fior di latte, hot chocolate, whipped cream biscotto) 9.0
Coppa Piemontese (strawberry gelato, coconut gelato, pistacchio gelato & fresh fruit) 9.0
Coppa Friulana (banana, strawberry, coconut & fresh fruit) 9.0
Coppa Veneta ( hazelnuts gelato, chocolate, gianduia gelato, kalua liquor topping & biscotto) 9.0

making of Gelato



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